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I had reached my breaking point with the up and down yo-yo dieting that I had grown accustomed to. Oh yea, I knew how to loose weight… it was your typical calorie cutting and endless cardio cycle that I would turn to. I even submitted the “Cayenne Pepper” cleanse a few times, you know, the diet where all you do is drink this maple syrup and cayenne pepper lemonade for 10 days! These methods would work….temporarily.

I was always in a never-ending pattern of loosing and gaining 10 lbs. People would say that I was thin and in shape, and I was on the thin side but the shape part could definitely use some help! So I was at the end on one of my gaining and loosing cycles (on the gaining end) and would typically start calorie cutting when I hit a wall. I’d had enough and wanted a new and different way of navigating my health. Then I remembered a friend of mine had a fitness coach that helped her reach amazing goals.  I became very excited, and knew I was ready to make the commitment! What I wanted was someone to “kick my Butt”! I contacted my friend and was directed to Tracy’s website.

What an inspiration looking at her photos! I simply messaged her via her web page and had a reply from her the very next day.
She listened to my story and told me about herself, we probably spend an hour on the phone that first conversation. Even though I live in MO and Tracy is in CA, she was right there for me every step of the way.

If I had a question, she was always there for me to talk to and provide her opinion and guidance. There were some weeks that were hard and had little improvement, but I just kept with the program. “Just give it 12 weeks and you’ll be amazed at what can happen” she told me one time.

I made the commitment for the 12 weeks and trusted Tracy and what she could do for me. My results speak for themselves! I can’t convey the feeling you have when you complete the program and achieve something new.

My whole mentality on working out has shifted! I love getting in the weight room with the boys (wish there were more women) and lifting heavy weights! My body has totally transformed and I feel amazing! Tracy has truly been a blessing in my life! Thank you Tracy for pushing me and helping me see what we are all truly capable of!

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