Make it a Lifestyle

MISTY LIEBERT: I had reached my breaking point with the up and down yo-yo dieting that I had grown accustomed to. Oh yea, I knew how to loose weight… it was your typical calorie cutting and endless cardio cycle that I would turn to. I even submitted the “Cayenne Pepper” cleanse a few times, you […]

Get A Beach Booty! | Butt Blasting Workout Circuit

Beach Booty Workout!  Haven’t you always wanted the perfect beach booty?  As a Brit would say, your “bum” will look terrific in a swim suit after doing this workout….not to mention your sexy legs too!  I suggest doing this workout three times a week.  If you are a beginner, you should aim to complete one circuit.  For […]

Tracy Allen’s Quest

Below is a re-post of an interview with the folks at Quest Nutrition.   For the last 12 weeks I’ve been preparing for my next fitness competition. This quest has completely transformed the way that I look and feel, which is hard to believe sinceI’ve always lived a clean and healthy lifestyle. I’m always amazed […]